Very rare albino tango orangutan found in the forest of Borneo

A rare albino orangutan, the only one in the world among those living but identified, has been intercepted in the Borneo rainforest according to a statement by the AFP news agency.
It is Alba, an albino primate very rare even for its blue eyes, completely covered with white hair, released in 2017 from a cage where it was held prisoner by villagers in the Kalimantan area.

She was released and released to the bado layer at the end of 2018 and has not been seen since, which has kept environmentalists anxious for several months, worried about her chances of surviving in the natural environment.
However, this week, members of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation sighted the specimen in the company of three other orangutans who had also been released in recent months.

“We have concluded that it can survive in the forest,’ notes Indra Exploitasia, a member of the local environment ministry.
Tango orangutans are an endangered species: these animals have seen their range of action and in general their habitat reduced a great deal in recent decades due to deforestation and human activities in general.

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