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The Chunk is a science news website maintained by a small group of college professors and journalists. It is our aim to present the most interesting new science news in a way that is both easy to understand and compelling, and it is our hope that we can grow this publication into one that eventually becomes popular with everyday Americans with no particular science background. We believe that the beauty of science should be shared and understood by everyone. Here, no matter what your level of scientific literacy, you can understand and enjoy the stories we write about in a whole range of different fields. Whether it’s new discoveries in astronomy, biology, physics, robotics or anything else, if there’s compelling research that could have major ramifications, we will cover it here.

We are a non-profit website run by volunteers, and as such, we do not run advertisements. If you would like to contribute to The Chunk, please reach out to Bill ([email protected]) with some information about your background.


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