We put the chunks in Minecraft.

IP: hub.thechunk.net


Compete with others to get the most points in fast-paced minigames! Chop down trees, avoid zombification, and fight your friends before time runs out. Be wary of the modifier rounds; you never know what will happen next!


Find all of the notes, before Ender finds you! Be careful, as he has powers beyond your imagination, and could be anywhere, even behind you! Just don't look at him, or else he will take you...


Take a jump from high up, and try to hit the water! Baffling and frustrating, yet fun, three styles of gameplay are available to make the experience more fun and challenging.


Build your fortress, then battle it out! Break through the other team's defenses in order to take their flag and capture it, or free your teammates from the other team's jail!


Partner up, and get ready to fight! Choose your kits and fight on top of your friend's shoulders, competing to get the most kills! Be a creeper, a blaze, an ocelot, and more as you try to win this fast-paced fighting game.


The Haunted have come to take over, and it is up to you to stop them! Destroy them, or join up with them as ghosts, weeping angels, or maybe even the grim reaper himself!


Take on your friends in this action-packed shooter! Avoid being zombified in infected, fight off the horde in zombie survival, team up in team deathmatch, or take everyone on in free-for-all!


Take side as either the IMC or Militia as you fight with futuristic weapons and Golems in this Titanfall inspired first person shooter.


Welcome to Blight, a game where you will die. A lot. Blight is our take on Rust in Minecraft. Fight, raid, survive, and die in our most brutal game thus far.


HardcoreGames is our take on classic Survival Games. Thrown into an arena with few supplies and plenty of blood-thristy tributes, your goal is to be the last survivor.

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